The Oral History Project is dedicated to developing, collecting and preserving stories of significant individuals who have shaped Singapore art history and discourses. This includes visual artists, art historians, curators and cultural producers. Interviews are conducted by fellow peers of the community, nominated by the interviewees themselves.

The Oral History Project team is grateful to the following for their generosity and support:

Ang Song Nian
Annabelle Aw
Aaron Tan
Cheong Weng Wah
Lai Yeen Pong (Nanyang Gallery)
Lindy Poh (Silver Rue Art Consulting)
Mark Wong
Michael Lee Hong Hwee
National Arts Council, Singapore
National Gallery Singapore
Nor Jumaiyah
Ong Teng Huat (ArtSafe Pte Ltd)
Patricia Chen
Sharon Chen Peiling
Sophia Loke
The Private Museum, Singapore
Ute Meta Bauer